Travel In-Line Directional Lock Retro Fit

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Product Description:

Introducing our Travel In-Line Directional Lock Retro Fit, a versatile accessory designed to enhance the functionality of PLS200UHD, PLS250UHD, and GT300 Series Swivel Castors & Braked Castors. This directional lock can be retrofitted to existing castors, providing added flexibility and convenience in various applications.

Key Features:

  • Directional Lock Functionality: When deployed, the sprung plunger of the lock locates into the notch on the trailing edge, effectively locking the swivel action of the castor. This allows the castor to run in a fixed position in the forward and backward line of travel.

  • Enhanced Maneuverability: This directional lock offers the benefit of turning a swivel castor into a fixed castor when straight-line travel is required, and back to swivel when maneuverability is preferred. This versatility ensures optimal performance in diverse operational scenarios.

  • Retro Fit Design: The directional lock is designed as a retro fit item, allowing easy installation onto existing castors without the need for extensive modifications or replacements. Simply position the lock into the activated position before fully tightening the nuts during installation.

Usage Instructions:

  1. Deployment: Deploy the directional lock by activating the sprung plunger to engage with the notch on the trailing edge of the castor.

  2. Fixed Position: Once engaged, the lock securely holds the castor in a fixed position, allowing straight-line travel in both forward and backward directions.

  3. Maneuverability: To revert to swivel mode for enhanced maneuverability, deactivate the lock by disengaging the sprung plunger from the notch.

  4. Installation: When fitting the castor and lock to the equipment, ensure that the lock is positioned into the activated position to fully engage before tightening the nuts securely.


Compatible with PLS200UHD, PLS250UHD, and GT300 Series Swivel Castors & Braked Castors.

Enhance Efficiency and Flexibility:

Upgrade your existing castors with our Travel In-Line Directional Lock Retro Fit to enhance efficiency and flexibility in your operations. Enjoy the convenience of easily switching between fixed and swivel modes as needed, ensuring optimal performance in various applications.


Experience enhanced versatility and functionality with our Travel In-Line Directional Lock Retro Fit. Transform your swivel castors into fixed castors effortlessly and enjoy seamless operation in straight-line travel scenarios

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