Sputnik - Multi Inlet Outlet (Rolled Edge Round)

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Rolled Edge Round Sputnik - Multi Inlet Outlet

Sputniks are a Multi Spigot Hood Adaptor/Manifold.

Ideal for Wood working machines that have multiple extraction outlets that are close together. Sputniks are ideally situated above the machines attached to solid ducting and then flexible hose connecting to the outlets on the machine.

For Sputniks to work efficiently the air flow (extraction) must be sufficient i.e. a 200mm Sputnik would be able to extract 4x100mm outlets but only 2x150mm outlets.

If your unsure about the correct duct sizing required then please contact us and we will advise you.
  • All spigots on the Sputnik are small end to suit Flexible Hose.
  • Are manufactured using only the highest quality galvanised steel.

Note: Please add into the comments box the diameters that you require the spigots to be.

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