High Density PVC Glass Protection Foam Pads - 1000Pcs

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High Density PVC Glass Protection Foam Pads - 1000Pcs
High density foam glazing pads. Our glass transit pads feature a peel able adhesive backing.

We use a very strong high quality PVC foam in the production of our transit pads. The PVC foam is coated with a low tack adhesive system that will not leave an adhesive residue on the glass.
Material and Density: Ensure that the foam pads are made from a dense and durable material to provide effective protection. The density of the foam will impact its ability to absorb shocks and impacts.

Adhesive Quality: The clean peel adhesive is crucial. It should adhere securely to the surface without leaving any residue or damaging the item when removed.

Thickness: The thickness of the foam pads can influence the level of protection they provide. Consider the fragility of the items you're protecting when choosing the thickness of the foam.

Application Surface: Verify that the foam pads are suitable for the specific type of surface you're protecting. Different surfaces may have different requirements in terms of padding and adhesive compatibility.

Quantity: 1,000 per roll consider whether this quantity meets your needs. It's also helpful to know the dimensions of each foam pad.

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