Fire Safety Intumescent Resilient Floor Tape

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Fire Safety Intumescent Resilient Floor Tape
Intumescent resilient floor tape is a specialized type of tape used in construction and building safety. The term "intumescent" refers to a substance that swells when exposed to heat or fire. In the context of resilient floor tape, it is designed to expand and create a protective barrier in the event of a fire. Here are some key points about intumescent resilient floor tape:

Fire Protection: Intumescent materials are commonly used in fire safety applications. In the case of floor tape, this type of tape is designed to slow down the spread of flames and smoke by expanding when exposed to heat. This expansion helps to seal gaps and prevent the passage of fire and smoke through floor joints, which can be critical in fire containment.

Resilient Flooring: Resilient flooring typically refers to types of flooring that are flexible, durable, and comfortable to walk on. This includes materials like vinyl, rubber, linoleum, and cork. Intumescent resilient floor tape is specifically designed to work with such floor types.

Installation: This type of tape is applied at the joints or seams of resilient flooring materials, creating a barrier that can expand when heated, helping to maintain the fire resistance of the flooring system.

Compliance: The use of intumescent materials, including tapes, is often regulated by building and safety codes to ensure that buildings meet specific fire safety standards. The type of tape used, its application, and other fire protection measures will depend on local building codes and regulations.

Maintenance: Intumescent resilient floor tape, like other fire protection measures, may require regular maintenance and inspection to ensure it remains effective in the event of a fire. Damaged or worn tape should be replaced as necessary to maintain fire safety.

In summary, intumescent resilient floor tape is a fire-resistant tape applied to joints and seams in resilient flooring materials. It expands when exposed to heat or fire, creating a barrier that helps prevent the spread of flames and smoke, contributing to fire safety in buildings. Its use is subject to local building codes and standards.

50mm x 4.5mm x 20m Roll
High Performance Acrylic Adhesive
Vibration Dampening
Halogen Free

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