Anti Slip Supercoat Industrial Floor Paint 20Ltr Factory Garage Floor Paint

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Anti Slip Supercoat Industrial Floor Paint 20Ltr Factory Garage Floor Paint

Heavy Duty anti slip floor paint for coating industrial floors showrooms, garages and factory floors. Our garage floor paint is designed to provide very good abrasion resistance with a long lasting high build finish and high industrial strength. Factory floor paint exhibits the highest strength whilst offering smooth, attractive Semi gloss finish. Our garage floor paint is high build coating that produces a truely stunning finish for areas such as showrooms where you need to impress

The functions of the industrial floor paint are: 

1. To strengthen and improve the factory floor surface 
2. To eliminate dust build up on surface (pre seal primer coating is always advised on dusty unpainted areas before a topcoat is applied)
3. To increase the floors abrasion and wear resistance
4. To provide the increased additional chemical resistance 
5. To improve the appearance and ambience of the working environment 
6. To speed up the cleaning/mopping of the area cutting down on time of this task and also to help combat dust issues on stock and surface contamination 
7. To delineate specific areas, such as: safe walking areas, parking bays or access routes and other directions etc.

Easy to clean
Surface Usable in 24hrs
Solvent Free - Unlike cheaper alternatives
Professional Semi Gloss Finish

This coating is Ideal for use on concrete, stone, wood, metal surfaces but not power floated, screed or bituminous floors and will withstand most forms of traffic including plant and fork trucks. However any new concrete base / floor must be more than 16 weeks old before painting and our Underguard floor seal would be recommended prior to painting with topcoat.

Drying Time:
Touch dry 5/6 hours at 20°C
Thoroughly dry at 24 hours
Recoat after 24 hours

Technical Data:
Volume solids 48% DFT 25 microns - theoretical spread rate 13.3 sq metres/litres

8 sq/metres/litre

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