100mm Medium Duty Swivel, Fixed & Braked Casters Blue Elastic Non Marking Wheel 160kg Load Capacity

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Our 100mm Medium Duty Swivel, Fixed, and Braked Castors are the perfect solution for a wide range of applications, offering superior performance with a high load capacity of 160kg per castor. Featuring blue elastic non-marking wheels, these castors ensure smooth, quiet operation and excellent floor protection. Whether you need swivel castors for easy maneuverability, fixed castors for stable support, or braked castors for secure positioning, this range meets all your needs.

Key Features:

  • Load Capacity: Each castor supports up to 160kg, making them suitable for medium to heavy-duty applications.
  • Wheel Specifications: The 100mm diameter blue elastic wheels with roller bearings provide smooth, effortless movement and superior durability.
  • Multiple Configurations: Available in swivel, fixed, and braked options to accommodate various mobility requirements.
  • Fixing Plate: The fixing plate measures 105mm x 85mm, ensuring a secure and stable attachment to various equipment.
  • Tread Width: The 32mm tread width ensures even weight distribution and excellent floor protection.
  • Swivel Radius: The swivel castor has a radius of 90mm, while the braked castor has a radius of 125mm, providing excellent maneuverability and control.

Detailed Specifications:

  • Overall Height: 128mm
  • Wheel Size: 100mm diameter
  • Tread Width: 32mm
  • Wheel Type: Blue elastic with roller bearing
  • Load Rating: 160kg per castor
  • Fixing Plate Size: 105mm x 85mm
  • Bolting Centre: 80mm x 60mm
  • Bolt Size: 8mm
  • Swivel Radius: 90mm (Swivel Castor), 125mm (Braked Castor)


  • Industrial Equipment: Ideal for machinery and equipment that require robust, medium-duty castors for smooth and reliable movement.
  • Medical and Laboratory Equipment: Perfect for trolleys and devices that need non-marking wheels and secure positioning in sensitive environments.
  • Retail and Commercial Use: Suitable for movable displays, shelving units, and carts that need to be easily repositioned and securely held in place.
  • Office and Institutional Furniture: Excellent for office chairs, tables, and other furniture that require easy maneuverability and floor protection.

Usage and Benefits:

  • Versatility: With options for swivel, fixed, and braked castors, these units provide flexibility for various applications, ensuring optimal mobility and stability.
  • Smooth and Quiet Operation: The blue elastic wheels with roller bearings ensure quiet, smooth rolling, minimizing noise and effort when moving equipment.
  • Floor Protection: The non-marking blue elastic tread protects floors from damage, making these castors ideal for indoor use on various surfaces.
  • Durability: Designed to handle heavy loads, these castors offer long-lasting performance, reducing the need for frequent replacements.
  • Easy Installation: The fixing plate with standardized bolt holes (80mm x 60mm) allows for quick and secure installation, accommodating 8mm bolts.

Enhance the mobility and functionality of your equipment with our 100mm Medium Duty Castors. Designed for reliability and ease of movement, these castors are the perfect choice for a variety of industrial, commercial, and institutional applications, providing superior load-bearing capacity, floor protection, and smooth operation.

Note: Price is for 1 castor wheel only and not for a pair

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