Textured Entrance Mat

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Textured Entrance Mat 

We provides quality, resilient entrance mats  - with low prices guaranteed.

A hard wearing nitrile, multi-tasker. Ideal for wet, greasy or oily conditions, the raised pattern scrapes dirt and retains water reducing the risk of slipping on wet floors. 


-Size: 0.85m x 1.5m 
-Heavy-duty 100% nitrile doormat.
-Holds up to 2.6 litres water/m² or 1.5kg of dry dust/m²
-Safety bevelled edging as standard


1-Material    Solid nitrile rubber
2-Surface Finish    Raised rectangular block cleats
3-Product Height    6mm
4-Product Weight    6.3Kg/m²
5-Size    0.85m x 1.5m
6-Colour    Black
7-Operating Temperature    -20ºC to +70ºC
8-Resistance to Chemicals    Resistant to many chemicals, alkalis, detergents, oils, machine coolant and general industrial coolants. Rubber may swell in polar solvents
9-Environmental Resistance    Ideal for both indoor and outdoor applications
10-UV Resistance    Yes
11-Typical Applications    Entrance areas and as a non-slip mat for kitchens, food processing plants and general industrial
12-Cleaning Method    Can be laundered in commercial washing machines or hosed down with high pressure washer


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