Self-Adhesive Stair Non-Slip Nosing Rubber Angle Step Edge PVC

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Self-Adhesive Stair Non-Slip Nosing Rubber Angle Step Edge PVC
High-quality profile
Self adhesive - adhesive tape width 30mm
Creates an aesthetic finish of the steps
Protects the edges against mechanical damage
Protects against slipping and falling
Easy to clean
Does not contain harmful compounds for humans and animals
Aesthetic appearance and a wide range of colors
Highly flexible product - "shape memory"

Assembly should take place at room temperature. In case of low temperatures, the profile should be heated before installation using warm air
Clean and align the surface of the stairs
Cut the profile to the exact step width using the knife or shears
Press firmly to the step and allow the glue to dry
When using the adhesive tape, the steps can be used after 3 hours

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