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PVC  Single Sided Foam Tape
Single Side Adhesive Foam Tape offered comprise a blend of pressure sensitive adhesives and feature finish forms in options such as metal, polyester, vinyl as well as crepe. The offered solutions assist in providing desired protection, masking as well as upgrading/modification of surfaces so as to improve their appearance, function as well as productivity. Further, these are also used for splicing as well as temporary holding applications like in hanging poly drapes or in bundling pipes.

We are pleased to offer you 3259. A slightly softer single sided foam tape than its rival 3509. This closed cell PVC foam is another key product for us. This single sided foam tape holds similar properties to neoprene foam, and is used to seal external or internal windows, act as anti-slip pads or simply provide cushioning between metal substrates. Coated with a premium acrylic adhesive this product is well suited for use in direct sunlight and will perform at 70oc.

If this product is part of a new release or if there have been updates since my last update, you might find the information you need by contacting directly or visiting their official website. Keep in mind that product names, specifications, and availability can vary, and it's always best to rely on the latest information from the manufacturer or authorized distributors.

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