Orthomat Anti-Fatigue Mat

Title: 0.9m x 18.3m Grey
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Industrial anti-fatigue mats - with low prices guaranteed.

Anti-fatigue matting can help to reduce the health risks of regular
standing in the workplace on hard floors.

This is the original workplace anti-fatigue fighter. With a single layer
of foam and textured surface it is ideal for light to medium use in dry


- Safety version available with bright yellow borders.
- Insulates against cold concrete floors.

1-Material    Virgin Closed Cell PVC (Foam)
2-Surface Finish    Pebble
3-Product Height    9mm
4-Sizes/ Weights    0.9m x 18.3m: 40kg, 0.9m x 1.5m: 3.27kg, 0.9m x
per linear metre: 3.01kg, 0.6m x 0.9m: 1.31 kg
5-Size of Safety Border    100mm
6-Operating Temperature    0℃ to +60℃
7-Environmental Resistance    Suitable for dry indoor environments
8-Typical Applications    Production lines, assembly areas, packing
stations, workbenches
9-Cleaning Method    Brush/Mop the top surface
10-Flame Retardancy    Fire Tested to DIN 54332 (B2) part of DIN 4102
11-Guarantee    1 year guarantee when used in a dry environment
12-Product Performance    Conforms to Slip Resistance Test EN 13552
(Category R10)
13-Permanent Adhesive Recommendation    F44
14-Release Adhesive Recommendation    F41
15-Heavy-Duty / Wet Area Adhesive Recommendation    F74, F81, F84


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