Low Tack Crepe Paper Masking Tape - 50M

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Low Tack Crepe Paper Masking Tape - 50M
Create a unique painting for the picture wall by masking the area where the underlying colour should remain and then painting on top. This gives some exciting effects when you remove the masking tape, as the painting will have beautiful patterns
Apply masking tape to old porcelain and let your children draw freely with porcelain markers. Once they have painted finished, remove the tape and the old porcelain will have been given a creative new look. This is an easy and sustainable way to upcycle things in your home
Delicate Surfaces: It is often used on delicate or sensitive surfaces where a stronger adhesive might cause damage. This can include freshly painted walls, wallpaper, or other surfaces that are prone to damage from tape adhesives.

Painting and Crafting: Low tack masking tape is commonly used in painting projects. It allows for clean lines without pulling off the paint when removed. It is also useful in crafting projects where a temporary hold is needed without leaving a sticky residue.

Easy Removal: The primary advantage of low tack masking tape is that it can be removed easily and cleanly without leaving behind a sticky residue. This is particularly important when working with surfaces that could be marred or damaged by stronger adhesives.

Temporary Applications: It's suitable for temporary applications where the tape is needed for a short duration and easy removal is essential.\

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