Long Chemical Gauntlet Gloves - Unlined - Food Safe - Abrasion Resistant - In Bags of 10 Pairs

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Cuff Gauntlet
Gauge -
Length (mm) 330
Liner/Coating Colour Blue
Liner Material Unlined
Coating Type Nitrile
Coating Coverage Fully Dipped
Food Approved Yes
NitreGrip® No
NitreGuard® No
Sanitized® Treated No
Touchscreen compatible No
Impact protection No
Hydrophobic No
Reinforced No



Feature Benefit

 Nitrile gauntlet 33cm long

Light weight nitrile glove 

Offers good protection against abrasion

Abrasion protection aids the life of the glove as well as protecting the wearer

Ergonomically shaped

The ergonomic design make the glove comfortable to wear for long periods and reduces hand fatigue

Food approved

Approved for use in food areas

Resistance to a range of a wide range of chemicals, strong detergents, oils and solvents 

Excellent for use in a range of environments where chemicals are present

Diamond textured grip pattern on palm

Non slip diamond textured pattern on the palm provides a confident grip


• Oil and Chemical Processing,
• Laboratory
• Electronics
• Food Processing 
• Metal Fabrication
• Agriculture 
• Automotive Industry




Gloves have been tested in the palm area
Fit for special purpose (if size does not meet minimum length requirement)

Model Description
Long Chemical Gauntlet Unsupported nitrile glove without flock
Sizes 6-7-8-9-10-11



Test 1 2 3 4 5
Abrasion resistance 100 500 2000 8000 /
Cut resistance 1.2 2.5 5 10 20
Tearing resistance 10 25 50 75 /
Puncture resistance 20 60 100 150 /
Resistance to vertical cut A B C D E



Chemical Code Level Degradation%
n-Heptane J 6 29.3
Sodium hydroxide 40% K 6 -7.7
Sulfuric acid 96% L 2 99.9
Nitric acid 65% M 1 98.7
Acetic acid 99% N 1 98.4
Ammonium hydroxide 25% O 2 26.4
Hydrogen peroxide 30% P 6 39.4
Hydrofluoric acid 40% S 2 X
Formaldehyde 37% T 6 -10.3


Chemical Resistant Gloves  

For protection against a range of chemicals, oils, and other hazardous liquids, specialist hand protection is required. That’s why we’ve developed our range of Long Gauntlet Chemical Resistant Gloves.  

we’ve spent the past 30 years perfecting our range of safety gloves to ensure we’re always providing our customers with the highest quality and latest technology in hand protection. The introduction of our reusable Long Chemical Gauntlet range presents to you our most robust and versatile range yet. The line includes a variety of hard-wearing and durable work gloves to protect your workers against a wide range of potential hazards. From cut resistant gloves to thermal protective, electrical insulating, general handling, chemical resistant gloves and more, our Long Chemical Gauntlet range has the perfect reusable safety glove for your workplace.

Our Long Gauntlet Chemical Resistant Gloves have been designed to stand up against a range of chemicals commonly found in many a workplace, all whilst remaining comfortable and never compromising on performance. At 33cm long, these chemical resistant gauntlet gloves will not only protect the hands, but also the wrists and lower arms.  

Chemical Resistant Gloves User Benefits 

  • Resistant to a range of chemicals, detergents, oils, and solvents 

  • Strong abrasion protection 

  • Diamond patterned grip for enhanced grip 

  • Comfortable ergonomic shape 

  • Long (33cm) gauntlet glove 

  • Unlined for added dexterity and versatility  

  • Safe for use in food processing 

  • Tested to EN388, EN420, EN374-1, EN374-2, EN374-4, EN374-5 

For hard-wearing, long-lasting and ultra-protective safety gloves, there is no beating the Long Chemical Gauntlet range. Featuring a selection of chemical resistant work gloves, this range helps you to ensure hands are protected, all whilst ensuring comfort.  

For those applications that require extra dexterity, a lighter weight glove is the answer. Our lightweight, unlined Long chemical resistant gauntlet gloves give you all the control you need, whilst still ensuring hands are protected against a range of hazards. For an extra level of comfort, users can insert their own glove liner, or simply use the glove unlined for maximum dexterity in precision tasks.  

At 33cm long, not only are long chemical gloves protective for the hands, but they also provide shielding for the wrists and lower arms. That means, even where threats of chemical splashback are a factor, you can ensure that your workers are kept safe at all times.  

Providing good protection against a wide range of solvents and chemicals, the gauntlet gloves are incredibly versatile. Featuring a diamond non-slip pattern on the palm for enhanced grip, and offering strong abrasion protection, these robust nitrile rubber gloves ensure you can be confident of both safety and performance in your workplace.  

Of course, Chemical Resistant Gloves range is not only renowned for excellent protection and high-quality work gloves. Comfort is always a factor in the development of our gloves. The long chemical gloves are no exception, featuring a lightweight nitrile construction and an ergonomic design; these gloves help to prevent fatigue by ensuring comfort even after long hours of use.  

For some of the most flexible and comfortable gauntlet gloves on the market, look no further than the Chemical Resistant Gloves.  

Sectors and applications  

Never compromise on the safety of your workers with Chemical Resistant Gloves. Offering superior protection against chemicals, strong detergents, solvents, and oils, these gauntlet gloves shield hands, wrists, and lower arms from the daily hazards your workforce may encounter. Featuring lightweight, highly protective nitrile construction and unlined for added flexibility, these chemical resistant gauntlet gloves are an excellent addition to your PPE (personal protective equipment) protocol.  

unlined gauntlet gloves are a highly effective chemical resistant work glove solution for a wide variety of applications. They are ideal for use in a variety of sectors, including:  

  • Printing Industry  

  • Oil and chemical processing 

  • Laboratory work 

  • Electronics 

  • Food processing  

  • Metal fabrication  

  • Agriculture  

  • Automotive industry  

Some of the applications long chemical gloves are ideally suited to include:  

Packaging/handling food: Many food processing and handling applications present a low but ever-present risk to workers. Selecting a glove that offers abrasion protection and chemical resistance is the key to keeping workers’ hands, wrists, and arms safe, no matter the substances they may encounter. Our unlined long chemical gloves are food safe, meaning they are suitable for all your food processing and handling applications.  

Waste handling: Waste handling tasks can be particularly fraught with risks, given the unpredictable nature of general waste, or the more significant risks posed by chemical waste handling. A highly protective gauntlet glove is the indispensable safety glove solution for any waste handling application, and our Chemical Resistant Gloves are the ideal solution, offering both high levels of comfort and dexterity, alongside resistance to a variety of chemicals, strong detergents, solvents, and oils.  

General cleaning tasks: For all cleaning and janitorial tasks that require the use of chemicals, detergents, and solvents, a chemical resistant gauntlet glove is the perfect safety glove solution. Keeping hands, wrists, and lower arms safe from contact with harmful substances, all whilst remaining comfortable and allowing for excellent grip and dexterity, our unlined gauntlet gloves are your go-to work glove.  

Chemical handling: It goes without saying that a high-quality chemical resistant safety glove is a compulsory piece of protective equipment for all chemical handling applications. However, not all chemical resistant gloves are created equal. The gauntlet gloves provide protection up to the lower arm against a wide range of chemicals, solvents, and strong detergents, as well as exceptional grip and flexibility.  

we understand that our customers are never willing to compromise on safety. With our Chemical Resistant Gloves, you won’t have to compromise on comfort or performance either. Constructed to offer maximum protection as well as superb flexibility and comfort, even after long hours of use, there is simply no beating our Chemical Resistant Gloves. 


Size Packaging

10 Pairs per Bag

10 Bags per Carton


For more information please see the Product Specification Sheet

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