Industrial Premium CS103 S Adhesive PTFE Tape

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Industrial Premium CS103 S Adhesive PTFE Tape
Silicone Adhesive | Extra High Non Stick Performance and Long Service Time |Temperature -70 to 260 °C
Application For Sealer PTFE Strips Replacement Food Sealer Spare Parts and Other All Non Stick High Temperature Machines
Easily Cut To any Length Fit Machines Size

PTFE tapes are all custom made by a global leader of Top 500 Global corporations in the world,
in PTFE- coated fabrics, PTFE-fabric laminates manufacturing company from Europe,
With worldwide recognised brands, manufacturing sites in 4 continents as well as over 40 years of
product and process development experience, they are with a strong safety and quality assurance.
the strip PTFE contents up to 60%,it is high Non Stick performance .

Ideal for Manual Impulse Heat Sealers Vacuum sealers,It is Non stick and reusable (with adhesive)

Make sure tape size can fit your machine first!

CS103 S CHR Adhesive PTFE Tape
Premium Adhesive PTFE Tape
High Performance Silicone Adhesive CS103 S Adhesive PTFE Tape, by CHR Tape , Tygaflor, Chemstik)
Excellent Release Properties
Excellent Longevity
High Temperature Resistance -70°C to +260°C
Yellow Corrugated Liner
Standard Size 1010mm x 0.075mm x 30M
Other Sizes Cut To Order
Bespoke Sheeets, Gaskets & Rolls

Base PFTE Fabric Weight (g/M²) : 155 (FTMS 191A-5041)
Base Thickness (mm) : 0.075 (FTMS 191A-5030)
Adhesive Thickness (mm) : 0.045 (FTMS191A-5030)
180° Peel Adhesion Strength (N/cm) : 5.2 (ASTM D3330-83)
Tensile Strength (N/cm) : 130 x 90 (FTMS 191A-5102)
Adhesive : Silicone
Temperature Resistance (°C) : -73 to +260
Formats: Rolls / Sheets / Die Cut Gaskets

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