Heavy Duty Industrial Garage Shelving MetaClip Extension Bay

Title: Height 2.0m x Depth 300mm x Length 1.0m
Sale price£225.77



Industrial garage shelving metaClip heavy duty extension bay are ideal for storing ordinary goods and small parts.

MetaClip boltless garage shelving is constructed using just two building blocks (frame and shelf). These can be used to build complex rows of shelves for all applications in small parts storage (e.g. spare parts storeroom in industry and small trades, sales store in production-linked trade).

MetaClip boltless shelving systems can be set up quickly without tools.

They can be extended or converted at any time to meet the requirements, and can therefore adapt optimally to the stored goods.

Whether it is in the form of small rows of shelves or multi-tier shelving systems, MetaClip provides the optimal solution for any size of warehouse or storeroom. The workshop, storeroom or warehouse can also be fitted out optimally with other components such as shelving and cabinet modules. All MetaClip shelving comes with a 5 year quality guarantee.

1. MetaClip shelving comes in two standard shelf heights 2000 & 2500 mm, depths 300, 400, 500mm, and length 1000mm.

2. Extension bays come with 5 shelves

3. Shelves have a loading capacity of 100kg.

4. Shelf heights are adjustable in 25 mm steps and have 50 mm pitch punch holes.

5. MetaClip boltless shelving can support bay loads of up to 3700 kg.

6. MetaClip boltless shelving is available with galvanised surface.


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