Hard-wearing Professional Ford Transit Custom SWB & LWB Offside Plywood Van Racking

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There will be a few green-eyed when you show off this beast of a rack!

This fantastic shelving unit is compatible with the Ford Transit LWB Van & Custom SWB’s; it is durable, hard-wearing and a snug fit for the driver’s side of the van. Create a large of a system by fixing the 2 units together using the 12 x FREE L-shaped brackets included.

The various sized compartments ensure that there is plenty of room for anything from drills, hammers and spanners to spare parts, so you are never without space for your handy bits and pieces. Whether you are a workman or a DIY enthusiast, this versatile shelving caters for you all.

Product Features:

  • Hard-wearing, practical racking brought to you by Racking.
  • Made for the Ford Transit Custom SWB & LWB van, this shelving fits perfectly on the offside of the van.
  • 12 x FREE L-shaped brackets to ensure easy, sturdy and secure assembly of the 2 units.
  • Save yourself a tonne of space with this cleverly divided storage system.


    • Material: 12mm Plywood
    • Over-all weight: 50.5Kg

Dimensions Van Rack 1:

      • Height: 120cm / 1200mm / 47.2“
      • Width: 95.5cm / 955mm / 37.6“
      • Depth: 37.8cm / 378mm / 14.9”

Dimensions Van Rack 2:

      • Height: 120cm / 1200mm / 47.2”
      • Width: 108cm / 1080mm / 42.5”
      • Depth: 37.8cm / 378mm / 14.9”
More Information
Weight 50.50kg
Weight Capacity 90kg
Material Wood
Product Weight 47.5
Colour Brown

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