Extra Heavy Duty Vynagrip Module Anti-Fatigue Mat

Title: 120 x 80cm Black&Yellow
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Extra Heavy Duty Vynagrip Module Anti-Fatigue Mat

Industrial anti-fatigue mats - with low prices guaranteed.

Anti-fatigue matting can help to reduce the health risks of regular
standing in the workplace on hard floors.

This is a hard wearing PVC grid matting for usage in heavy duty
applications. It provides automatic drainage combined with an extra
'aggressive' diamond tread surface for increased slip resistance. This
makes Vynagrip especially effective wherever oil, water, liquid and
debris spillages are likely. It will increase safety, comfort and
productivity in the workplace. Vynagrip offers a slip resistant, anti-
fatigue matting solution which can be relied upon to perform in a wide
range of heavy duty commercial and industrial applications.


- Vynagrip is made from 2 layers of non-porous, flexible PVC that are    
welded            together to create extra strong joints.åÊ
- Certified slip resistance DIN 51130:R11 - ASRM 1677: 1.0/0.9
- Excellent drainage DIN 51130:V10
- Chemical, oil and acid resistant
- Environmentally friendly
- Easy to cut on site, contours to uneven surfaces
- Quick to install
- Boost productivity
- Fire resistant


1-Material    Flexible DINP plasticised Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC)
2-Surface Finish    Open grid 'duckboard'design with textured surface
3-Colours    Black with Yellow Edging, Black with Grey Edging
4-Product Height    15mm
5-Operating Temperature    Functional -23℃ to +60℃ (slight size variation
may occur at temperature extremes)
6-Resistance to Chemicals    Resistant to most acids, alkalis and
oils. Impermeable to fluids
7-Environmental Resistance    Can be used both indoor and outside. Red
colour is not colourfast in direct sunlight
8-UV Resistance    Yes
9-Typical Applications    Heavy duty applications, both indoor and outside
10-Flame Retardancy    EN ISO 13501 - 1: 2007 - Cfl - S1
11-Anti-fatigue    Proven and tested anti-fatigue properties
12-Warranty    4 years

120 x 80cm Black&Yellow
120 x 80cm Black&Grey

150 x 100cm Black&Yellow
150 x 100cmBlack&Grey


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