Electrical Insulating Gloves - Class 00 To 4 - In Bags of 1 Pair

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Latex electrical insulating gloves


Cuff Gauntlet
Gauge -
Length (mm) 36(cm)
Liner/Coating Colour Natural
Liner Material -
Coating Type Latex
Coating Coverage Fully Dipped
Food Approved No
NitreGrip® No
NitreGuard® No
Sanitized Treated No
Touchscreen compatible No
Impact protection No
Hydrophobic No
Reinforced No


Feature Benefit

Natural rubber latex electrical insulating gloves 

The natural rubber provides high dielectric protection ranging from 500 Volts (Class 00) to 36,000 Volts (Class 4) 

Ergonomic shape

The ergonomic finish provides a comfortable fit

Tested to EN 60903 and IEC 60903

The standards specify the requirements and test methods for gloves intended to protect workers from electrical voltage

Leather Over Gloves available

Leather Over Gloves are recommended to be worn over the gloves to provide mechanical protection

Thin and dexterous

Manufacturing technique and expertise allows the gloves to be made as thin as possible in order to offer the maximum level of dexterity and a flexible fit for the users


• Utilities
• Construction
• Automotive
• Rail


Information : Store and transport gloves in their original packaging or glove bag. Do not compress, fold, or store near sources of light or heat. Storage at temperatures between 10°C and 35°C. Operating temperature between -40°C and + 55°C. Do not expose gloves to oil, grease, turpentine, white spirit, strong acid or other corrosive. Before using the gloves, it is recommended to visually inspect the internal and external surfaces. Conduct an air inflation test to detect leaks. Do not use wet gloves. Rinse gloves with soap and water. Dry at temperatures below 65°C. No glove should be issued for service unless it has been subjected to an electrical retest within the previous 12 months, nor should be used unless it has been subjected to an electrical test within a maximum period of 6 months after issued for service. These gloves contain natural rubber. Marking on gloves include the number of the relevant Standards, IEC 60417-5216 symbol (double triangle), size, class, category, batch number, month and year of production, manufacturer name and a reference allowing the inclusion of commissioning dates and periodic inspection. National requirements with reference to periodic inspection and testing of class 00 and class 0 gloves may be considered adequate.

Product Information  

Electrical Insulating Gloves Class 00 - Class 4

Here at we’re dedicated to bringing you cutting-edge safety glove solutions to ensure workers are protected against the hazards posed in the workplace.

The Electrical Insulating Gloves range includes our specialist Electrical Insulating Gloves and Arc Flash versions as well as a range of ancillary products such as a leather over glove, portable inflator, under gloves, protective bag, storage case and more (link to ancillary sales sheet). This range has been designed to provide a high standard of safety equipment for all your electrical applications, so you can be assured that your workers are protected against electrical hazards.


GLB user benefits:

• Natural rubber latex electrical insulating gloves

• Ergonomic shape • Available in size 6 - 12 (class 00 and class 0)

• Available in size 7 - 12 (class 1 and class 2)

• Available in size 8 - 12 (class 3 and class 4)

• Protective Leather Over Gloves available

• Tested to EN 60903 and IEC 60903 Class Max.

The Electrical Insulating Gloves range of electrical safety products has been developed to bring you a high-quality range of safety equipment you can trust. Our electrical insulating safety gloves from the Electrical Insulating Gloves range will protect against electrical hazards whilst remaining comfortable to wear and flexible enough to ensure performance is never compromised.

Electrical Insulating Gloves GLB electrical rubber gloves feature an ergonomic shape for a comfortable fit making for an extremely comfortable glove, ensuring reduced hand fatigue and perspiration, even after long hours of use. Designed to be worn in conjunction withElectrical Insulating Gloves leather over gloves (for mechanical protection), the natural rubber latex construction of our GLB electrical insulating gloves provides dielectric protection from 500 volts (Class 00) to 36,000 volts (Class 4).

The manufacturing process used in the production of these rubber insulating gloves allows them to be as dexterous as possible for maximum dexterity and a flexible fit, ensuring the wearer is comfortable and able to perform applications with minimal restriction from their electrical safety gloves.


Sectors and applications

GLB Electrical Insulating Gloves are ideally suited to the following sectors:

• Utilities

• Construction

• Automotive

• Rail Applications

These electrical rubber gloves are suited for:

Working with electrically powered equipment: When working with, on, or in close proximity to electrically powered equipment.

Automotive maintenance: The Insulating Glove range is the product of choice for electric vehicle maintenance. The products are dextrous and flexible to assist with repair and maintenance of DC systems used on EVs. These rubber insulating gloves will keep hands safe against electric hazards whilst being flexible enough to allow for the necessary dexterity required to perform maintenance tasks.

Ground working: When undertaking ground working applications, especially where there is a danger of electrical feeds. Versatile, robust, and highly protective,  GLB Electrical Insulating Gloves protect your workers against threats of electrical hazards and are the perfect addition to your workplace safety protocols.

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