Double Sided Finger Lift Tissue Tape

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Double Sided Finger Lift Tissue Tape
Double-sided adhesive: Tissue tape has adhesive on both sides, allowing it to bond two surfaces together. This makes it useful for applications where you need to stick two items together securely.

Hand-tearable: One of the main advantages of tissue tape is that it can be torn by hand, making it convenient and easy to use without the need for additional tools. This feature is especially handy in situations where you need a quick fix or when precise cutting is not necessary.

Versatility: Tissue tape is versatile and can be used in a variety of applications. It is commonly used in crafting, scrapbooking, and other DIY projects. It is also used in industries such as packaging, where a strong yet easily tearable tape is needed.

Paper backing: The tape is often made with a paper backing, which adds to its hand-tearable nature. The paper backing also makes it easy to write on or print labels directly onto the tape.

Temporary bonding: Tissue tape is sometimes used for temporary bonding applications where a strong bond is needed, but the items may need to be separated later without causing damage.

Arts and crafts: Tissue tape is popular in the arts and crafts community for its ease of use and versatility. It can be used to attach paper, photos, or other lightweight materials.

Liner: 65gsm siliconised release paper
Carrier: 13gsm tissue
Adhesive: synthetic rubber based with 35gsm on both open and closed sides
Total thickness: 135 micron

High Quality Hemming Tape for Pants: The fabric tape for clothes is made of high quality acrylic material with super strong adhesive power. This double sided heavy duty tape is suitable for polyester, cotton, canvas, denim, leather, Lycra, or anything you can imagine. This adhesive tape heavy duty is extremely strong but is still easy to remove and peel by hand. This hem tape no sew no iron will not leave a sticky residue after removed.

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