Clear Plastic Folding Hang Tabs - 1000Pcs

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Clear Self Adhesive Plastic Folding Hangtabs - 1000Pcs
Self Adhesive Folding hang tabs are small, adhesive-backed devices used in retail environments to convert products into hanging merchandise. They are often used for items that are not originally designed for hanging display, such as blister-packed goods or items with no built-in hanging feature.

Here's a brief overview of folding hang tabs:

Conversion: Folding hang tabs are designed to convert non-hanging products into hangable items. This is particularly useful in retail settings where products are commonly displayed on peg hooks or other hanging systems.

Adhesive Backing: Most folding hang tabs have an adhesive backing that allows them to stick securely to the product's packaging.
Foldable: The "folding" aspect of these tabs refers to their ability to be folded down during shipping or storage and then folded back up for display.

Plastic or Cardboard: Hang tabs are typically made of plastic or cardboard materials that provide durability and support for the weight of the product.

Manual or Machine Application: Hang tabs can be manually applied by workers during packaging or can be applied using automated machinery for high-volume production.
Cost-Effective: They offer a cost-effective solution for converting products into hanging merchandise without the need for redesigning packaging.
Space Efficiency: Hang tabs help optimize retail space by allowing products to be displayed on peg hooks or other hanging systems.
Different Sizes and Shapes: Hang tabs come in various sizes and shapes to accommodate different product packaging designs and weights.
Customization: Some manufacturers offer customization options for hang tabs to match specific branding or product requirements.
Retail Display:
Visibility: By converting products into hanging items, folding hang tabs enhance product visibility on store shelves.
Convenience: Hanging products can make it easier for customers to browse and locate items.

Size: 50mm x 40mm 
Thickness: 300 Micron

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