Clear Flexible Self Adhesive Hanging Tabs - 1000Pcs

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Clear Flexible Self Adhesive Hanging Tabs - 1000Pcs
Hang Tabs:
Hang tabs are small devices used in retail to hang products on display hooks or pegs. They are often attached to the packaging of a product, making it easy for retailers to showcase items on store shelves.
Euro Slot:
A Euro slot is a standardized slot or opening on the hang tab that is designed to fit Euro hooks commonly used in European retail displays. Euro slots are widely used to ensure a consistent and secure fit on display hooks.
Flexible Tail:
The flexible tail refers to a part of the hang tab that is pliable or movable. This flexibility allows for easy adjustment to accommodate different product sizes or shapes. It can enhance the versatility of the hang tab for various packaging styles.
The self-adhesive feature means that the hang tab comes with an adhesive backing that allows it to be easily affixed to the packaging of a product. This eliminates the need for additional tools or equipment to attach the hang tab.

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