Black 8oz Rubber Mallet For Our T-Rax

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Essential Rubber Mallet For Our T-Rax

If you've been browsing our range of superb Racking units (and if you haven't, you really should) then you'll know by now that you'll be needing this 8oz rubber mallet to build any of the racking units from our Racking range.

But, racking aside, we'd also recommend this rubber mallet as an essential tool for your toolbox which will come in handy time and time again.

The mallet head and grip are made from durable rubber, with a strong steel shaft, so it's capable and durable too. You're going to need a rubber mallet sooner or later, so order one now and we won't have to say we told you so.

More Information
Weight 0.50kg
Depth 5.5cm
Width 8.5cm
Height 27cm
Listing Width 8.5cm
Material Rubber
Product Weight 0.5
Colour Black

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